Orthodontic headgear is a very important part of the treatment for some patients,  Its purpose is to achieve the best possible correction of your orthodontic problem.

Headgear creates special forces that guide the growth of the face and jaws. It also is used to move teeth into better positions or to prevent teeth from moving when they are not supposed to.

Regular use of your headgear achieves the best results. That is why it is important to follow the instructions on the number of hours each day you should wear it. Forgetting will make your treatment take longer and change the doctor's treatment plan; it may even affect the final results.

  1. Always be careful to remove the headgear as you were shown. If the headgear is removed carelessly, the part that fits in your mouth and attaches to your teeth could injure your cheeks, lips, face or even your eyes.

  2. Never try to remove the headgear until the straps have been disconnected.

  3. Never try to lift the headgear over your face.

  4. Never wear the headgear when running or playing sports. This includes rough-and-tumble games. Accidents can occur even when you are just having fun.

  5. Never allow anyone to grab or pull on your headgear. Brothers, sisters or friends who do not wear headgear may not understand the dangers involved, even in play.

    **If your headgear does not fit correctly or if a band comes loose,   stop wearing your headgear and call the office for an appointment right away.**


Take proper care of your headgear, and bring it with you to every appointment. 

Your teeth may be tender or even slightly loose the first few days the headgear is worn. This tenderness will disappear as you adjust to the new pressure, so don't be discouraged.

If you continue to be uncomfortable for more than a few days, be sure to let your orthodontist know right away.

Wearing headgear may not be much fun, but it is necessary for your treatment. Follow the instructions exactly, and you will be finished sooner than you think. The short-term sacrifice you make now will be well worth the healthy beautiful smile that will be yours for a lifetime.

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